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Shady Grove Psychic Mysteries 1-3


Mystic Pieces: With her busy schedule and a new job at an antiques store, Aly has no time for unexpected psychic visions. But when a customer croaks, she must use her newfound gifts to find the real killer and save her boss from a murder charge…

The Scry’s the Limit: Aly's just starting to get the hang of her psychic gifts when she literally stumbles over her favorite professor’s body. She’s devastated and determined to get justice. But with several people apparently benefitting from Professor Zimm’s death, how will Aly find the real culprit before they find her?

Sight Seering:
For the first time, Aly touches an object and knows immediately that she's in the presence of a murderer. Too bad no one believes her. Can Aly get the evidence she needs before a killer makes off with a fortune?


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Shady Grove Psychic Mysteries 4-6


Seer Today, Gone Tomorrow: Just when Aly finally identified her sister-in-law’s killer, they got away—and they're not alone. To make matters worse, someone powerful has cursed the residents of Shady Grove. Aly’s powers vanish. Without her psychic gifts, how will Aly find Katrina’s killer and save the pet store?

The Pie in the Scry: After nearly a year, Aly’s got a plan to bring Katrina’s killer to justice. But before she and Kevin can implement it, she has a vision of someone murdering Tony, the bakery owner. As if that wasn’t bad enough—the killer looks exactly like Aly.

Mystic Persons: Aly just completed the biggest spell she’s ever attempted, with a little help. But the magic came with an unexpected side effect, and now she’s got to figure out what happened to the dead man in the upstairs bath before her parents arrive for the holidays.



Haunted Haven 1-3


Emma thought life was weird before she found out she was a witch. Now she’s got some pretty cool powers, a snarky-yet-insightful talking cat, and a fabulous mansion-turned-BnB, complete with ghost.

Unfinished Witchness: Emma is thrilled to come into her legacy: not only has she inherited stacks of money and a mansion, she’s got magic! Everything is coming up roses until she finds her new chef dead in the kitchen and her other employee accused of murder. If she can’t find the real killer, this haunted haven might never open for business.

Risky Witchness: Now that Emma’s bed and breakfast is bustling with activity, she decides to treat herself to some R&R at the local fancy spa. But when she finds another guest dead, Emma becomes the prime suspect. She’ll need the help of his ghost to help find the real killer before they find her.

Open for Witchness: When Ben convinces Emma to investigate the mysteriously closed bar in Shady Grove, she discovers it’s being guarded by an extremely unpleasant spirit. The only way to help her friend is to solve the mystery—but the trail has been cold for decades. Can she close the case and reopen the bar?