Unfinished Witchness


Emma is thrilled to come into her legacy: not only has she inherited stacks of money and a mansion, she’s got magic! Everything is coming up roses until she finds her new chef dead in the kitchen and her other employee accused of murder. If she can’t find the real killer, this haunted haven might never open for business.

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Since inheriting her grandfather’s hearth magic, Emma’s chores have never been so much fun. Her house sparkles, dishes wash themselves, and her pancakes…Well, she’s a witch, not a miracle worker. Emma’s mansion would make a perfect bed-and-breakfast, if only she could deliver on that second “B”. It’s time to hire someone who can prepare a meal without burning the place down. Everything is going great until Emma’s new chef turns up dead and police shut the venture down practically before it opens.


Determined to get back on track, Emma takes the investigation into her own hands. With magic, a talking cat, and ghostly grandfather, solving the murder should be a breeze, right? Wrong. Being incorporeal and tied to the mansion makes Grandpa Walter less than an ideal partner. The cat is as helpful as, well, your average house cat. And local police don’t appreciate Emma’s assistance one bit. Can she find the murderer or will she be forced to start over yet again?


Unfinished Witchness is a paranormal cozy mystery set in a small town, with ghosts, witches, and a talking cat. Oh my!


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