The Psychic’s the Thing

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Enjoy this small town paranormal cozy mystery with an amateur sleuth by award-winning author Ada Bell.


Much Ado About Murder

When the local college announces the spring play, Aly’s roommate Amy proposes trying out together. Amy’s a drama major, so it should be fun. Aly’s surprised to be cast as understudy to the lead. Erica’s a real diva, so Aly vows to learn her lines and stay behind the scenes. But when a stage light falls onto their star, it’s curtains for Erica. Her death looks like a tragic accident until Aly receives a vision of murder.

Initially, the police think Aly killed Erica to take her part, but what they don’t know is how badly Amy wanted the role. Or how much she hated Erica. When Amy takes center stage as the prime suspect, Aly takes on the detective role once more to prove her friend’s innocence. She just needs to do it without further implicating herself.

Erica treated the entire cast and crew with contempt; who hated her enough to kill? Was it the ex-boyfriend forced to share the spotlight with the woman he once loved? The costume designer whose hard work wound up in tatters? Or was it the actress waiting in the wings to take Erica’s place? With Aly’s help, maybe the play’s the thing to catch the conscience of the killer.

The Psychic’s the Thing is the seventh book in the Shady Grove Psychic Mysteries series. This small town paranormal mystery with an amateur female sleuth will appeal to fans of Annabel Chase, Amy Boyles, and Lily Webb.


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1 review for The Psychic’s the Thing

  1. Shoe Monger

    Aly, continues to go to school – I love her coping strategy whenever she gets flustered or finds herself in a panic attach situation – When her roommate convinces Aly to try out for the latest play, Aly reluctantly decides to try out for her friend, not expecting to get a role, she doesn’t want. When the lead, Erica a “super diva-zilla” insults everyone and everything is found dead, fingers are pointed everywhere without substantiation.

    Aly’s secret psychic ability helps her see things not everyone can, but not the killer –
    Pro’s – fast and REALLLY fun read!!! and Liza Jacob did an amazing job narrating!
    Con’s – book 8 “A Run for the Mystic” isn’t available! Since I only listen to audio’s I’m so upset that I’ll likely have to wait at least another year for a book 8 in audio –

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