The Pie in the Scry


Shady Grove Book 5

There’s a killer on the loose, and they look like Aly.

Aly’s used to getting visions by now, but she never expected to see herself murdering the town’s beloved yet crotchety baker. She’s completely baffled because, obviously, that never happened. Then police arrive at her house with a warrant. If she didn’t kill Tony, why does she have his baker’s hat?

When Aly finds herself reliving the same day over and over, things go from strange to supernatural. Where did that vision come from? Aly’s never seen the future before—only the past. At first she thinks the vision was a trick, sent as a distraction by the same person who killed her sister-in-law. But as she works to stop them, Aly fears that her vision of Tony might not have been a lie so much as a premonition.


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