Shady Grove Psychic Mysteries 1-3


This three book collection of the first three Shady Grove mysteries is available in ebook only. You will not receive physical copies.

Enjoy this paranormal cozy mystery collection by best-selling author Ada Bell. This three book omnibus includes Shady Grove Psychic Mystery Novels 1-3.

Mystic Pieces: With her busy schedule and a new job at an antiques store, Aly has no time for unexpected psychic visions. But when a customer croaks, she must use her newfound gifts to find the real killer and save her boss from a murder charge…

The Scry’s the Limit: Aly’s just starting to get the hang of her psychic gifts when she literally stumbles over her favorite professor’s body. She’s devastated and determined to get justice. But with several people apparently benefitting from Professor Zimm’s death, how will Aly find the real culprit before they find her?

Sight Seering: For the first time, Aly touches an object and knows immediately that she’s in the presence of a murderer. Too bad no one believes her. Can Aly get the evidence she needs before a killer makes off with a fortune?


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