Open for Witchness


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With two solved murders under her belt, Emma agrees to tackle a mystery that’s been haunting the residents of neighboring Shady Grove for years: what supernatural presence keeps the only bar in town from operating? Emma’s been in haunted places before, and no one else ever noticed. The ghosts she’s encountered may not have all been warm and fuzzy, bu they were peaceful. Intrigued, she and her friend Ben head to the bar he hopes to take over. The last thing she expects is to find a ghostly sentry at the door, preventing anyone from going in. Since ghosts don’t wear clothes, Emma’s thread magic is of little use. Still, she made a promise, so she’ll do her best to find out who died and how to bring them peace.


Her inquiries reveal a murder in the bar twenty years ago.  The only way to help Ben fulfill his dream of owning his own bar is to solve the mystery—but the trail has been cold for decades. Can she close the case to help Ben reopen the bar before the spirits close her down for good?


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