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Shady Grove Psychic Mysteries Book 6.

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Enjoy this small town paranormal cozy mystery by best-selling author Ada Bell.

All Aly wants for Christmas is her memories…

The world is different. Aly knows who she is, but not much else. She’s got a new home, a new job–and a new boyfriend. Still, she’s excited to be spending the holidays with her entire family this year. If only there weren’t that pesky dead guy in the bedroom.

They thought that spell went well, and by all initial accounts, it did. But Aly forgot magic comes with a price, and this one’s a doozy. Somehow, a man is dead. No one has any idea who he is or how he died. Not to mention how he got into Kevin’s primary suite. The two of them have to sort things out, preferably before Mom and Dad fly in for an extended Christmas stay. It’s difficult enough to balance school and work and family life without also trying to hide a body. Can Aly use her powers to find out what happened in time to save the holidays?

Mystic Persons is the sixth book in the Shady Grove Psychic Mysteries series. This small town paranormal mystery with an amateur female sleuth will appeal to fans of Stella Bixby, Annabel Chase, Amy Boyles, and Lily Webb.

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