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Mystic Treasure--Shady Grove Book 3.5

After a busy winter of murder-solving, Aly can’t wait to relax with some family fun at the Shady Grove Annual Treasure Hunt. For twenty-five years, town residents have searched futilely for a chest containing the deed to an abandoned mansion on the edge of town. At this point, Aly’s pretty sure the treasure is a myth, but she’s always up for Shady Grove shenanigans.

When the Treasure Hunt gets underway, a suspicious new resident throws everything into question. Someone’s got a hidden motive for participating, and the town may be in danger. Can Aly solve the mystery to save the day?

This novella takes place between the final chapter and the epilogue of Sight Seering. It is intended to stand alone but can further your enjoyment of the series when read in order. While Mystic Treasure initially appeared in the Murderous Mayhem and Magical Mysteries Anthology, currently the only way to get a copy is to sign up for my newsletter by clicking the link below.


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