Haunted Haven Mysteries

Introducing Haunted Haven the bewitching paranormal cozy mystery series featuring Emma, a small-town witch with a talking cat and a haunted bed and breakfast who uses her powers to solve murders. Fans of Angie Fox, Amy Boyles, and Annabel Chase will love this bewitching series.

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Everything's coming up Emma...

Since inheriting her grandfather's hearth magic, Emma's chores have never been so much fun. Her house sparkles, dishes wash themselves, and her pancakes...Well, she's a witch, not a miracle worker. Emma's mansion would make a perfect bed-and-breakfast, if only she could deliver on that second "B". It's time to hire someone who can prepare a meal without burning the place down. Everything is going great until Emma's new chef turns up dead and police shut the venture down practically before it opens.


Determined to get back on track, Emma takes the investigation into her own hands. With magic, a talking cat, and ghostly grandfather, solving the murder should be a breeze, right? Wrong. Being incorporeal and tied to the mansion makes Grandpa Walter less than an ideal partner. The cat is as helpful as, well, your average house cat. And local police don't appreciate Emma's assistance one bit. Can she find the murderer or will she be forced to start over yet again?

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Emma's relaxing day just turned deadly.

After her early days in Willow Falls nearly got her killed, Emma treats herself to a nice, peaceful day at a spa with her ghostly grandfather. With free coffee, fluffy bathrobes, and luxurious linens, this place is heaven for a thread witch. Or it would be, if not for that guy who won’t get off his cell phone. Darren is so rude, loud, and condescending, Emma is barely surprised when she finds him dead on the massage table. Unfortunately, after news of their disagreement spread, she quickly becomes the prime suspect.


Darren was a high-powered businessman. He didn’t care who got hurt on this way to the top. Investigating his death means following a trail of wronged business associates, hoodwinked partners, estranged relatives, and wrongfully fired employees. The more Emma digs, the more suspects she finds. To make matters worse, the local police officers have noticed her talking to people who aren’t there. Suddenly, helping Darren becomes a risky proposition. Can Emma find the real killer before she gets locked up?

Open for Witchness

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Can Emma help a vengeful spirit find closure?

With two solved murders under her belt, Emma agrees to tackle a mystery that’s been haunting the residents of neighboring Shady Grove for years: what supernatural presence keeps the only bar in town from operating? Emma's been in haunted places before, and no one else ever noticed. The ghosts she's encountered may not have all been warm and fuzzy, bu they were peaceful. Intrigued, she and her friend Ben head to the bar he hopes to take over. The last thing she expects is to find a ghostly sentry at the door, preventing anyone from going in. Since ghosts don't wear clothes, Emma's thread magic is of little use. Still, she made a promise, so she'll do her best to find out who died and how to bring them peace.


Her inquiries reveal a murder in the bar twenty years ago, which coincides with the ghostly rumors.  The only way to help Ben fulfill his dream of owning his own bar is to solve the mystery—but the trail has been cold for decades. Can she close the case  before the spirit shuts her down for good?

Covers by Victoria Cooper Art. Haunted Haven map by The Illustrated Page Design. Chapter hearings by Simply Whyte Design.